You can explore the city’s rich musical heritage and discover its thriving current scene – and you can contribute. We’d love you to get in touch with any anecdotes, footage, photos or music clips, whether a fan or a band member – we’d like to hear from you.

Uncommon People is an online celebration of the wealth of musical talent in Sheffield. It is a kind of ‘family tree’ that is regularly updated in an ongoing attempt to capture the breadth and depth of musical activity that goes on in the steel city, and always has.

The Band A-Z is the quickest reference point or you can explore the Sheffield band ‘connections‘ and timeline for more visual impact.

The music map of Sheffield will connect through to key venues, studios and locations that have played their part in shaping one of the city’s greatest exports – its music.

Our designers (see credits) have really honed in on celebrating Sheffield including the title typeface being inspired by the city’s former Type foundry Stephenson Blake & Co. The Music Map was developed by the University of Sheffield through the Humanities Research Institute and supported by the Arts Enterprise scheme and Dr Matthew Cheeseman.

The project is managed by Sensoria Festival, largely as a labour of love. Sensoria’s founders are Jo Wingate and Nigel Humberstone.


There are so many (Uncommon) people that we have to thank for their help in bringing this site to life.

Jay Arnold (Screen Yorkshire at the time and now British Council) provided the support to get the site up and running (even suggested the name) and 10th Planet (now Azzure Creative) have developed and refined the site from day one. Huge thanks to Andy Oakey who has developed both versions of the site. Thanks also to Michael Eden at Ward 57 who has shaped the design of the 2020 website.

Other contributors who have provided written content over the years include Ralph Razor, Dr Matthew Cheeseman, Daniel Dylan Wray, Laura Hegarty, Penny Blackham, Oliver Senior and Nick Gosling.


We’re extremely grateful to the supporters of the site;

  • Key Fund
  • Arts Council
  • Azzure Creative
  • Ward 57

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