About Uncommon People

Uncommon People is an online celebration of the great wealth of musical talent in Sheffield. It is a kind of ‘family tree’ that is regularly updated in an ongoing attempt to capture the sheer breadth and depth of musical activity that goes on in the steel city, and always has.

You can explore the city’s rich musical heritage and discover its thriving current scene - and most of all you can contribute. We’d love you to get in touch with any anecdotes, footage, photos or music clips, whether a fan or a band member we’d like to hear from you.

At the moment you can explore our timeline and ‘family tree‘ or use the Band A – Z listing and in Autumn 2012 we will present a musical map of Sheffield to the site that showcases key venues, studios and locations that have played their part in shaping one of the city’s greatest exports – its music.

The project is managed by Sensoria Festival, largely as a labour of love.